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Since the company began in 1988, Adventure Towl® has operated under the following five Guiding Principles:

"Do one thing and do it better than anyone else."

Our business is towels. That’s all we do and quite frankly, we take pride in that. We specialize in developing and producing industry leading, superior quality towels. We are not satisfied with second best, and we go out of our way to ensure that you don't have to settle for it either. 

"Know thy Customer."

In an age of large, faceless corporations the secret of our success does not lay just in the superior quality of our towels, but rather in the personal service to our valuable customers. Most of our customers, many who have been with us since our business began, know our staff by name, and they know they can count on us to deliver the product when they need it.

"Entrepreneurship can be an Adventure."

Entrepreneurs, like adventurers, are a special breed of people. They are innovative, persistent, focused, and they do what others frequently fear. At Adventure Towl, we continually challenge ourselves to improve our existing products and develop new product lines. We have worked in partnership with several large retailers to produce private labels and meet other specific requirements.

"Ethics and Business DO mix."

The Adventure Towl company believes that social and environmental commitment should be an integral part of any business. That is why staff have participated in Career Focus Days at secondary schools and volunteered their time with youth organisations, both at home and abroad.

This commitment is also the reason why our products are free of excess packaging. In fact, our packaging was specifically designed to be used, not discarded after purchase. Our towels are packaged in a re-useable travel/carry bag NOT a throw-away cardboard box. Our labels are printed only on 100% recycled fibre made with 50% post consumer waste.

"Life is an Adventure. Get out there!"

Adventure Towl is a young, dynamic and innovative company. All members of our team are travel, sporting and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it is hitch-hiking through the Sahara, whitewater rafting in Nepal or trekking the back country trails near home, our staff have been there - and back. And with them has been their personal favourite Adventure Towl product. While some adventures may last a little too long for the President's liking, our staff are by far the most valuable resource of our R&D department.

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